Yummy Vegan And Gluten-Free Banana Bread Pancakes

Make your breakfast or dessert a delightful treat

Nothing can be compared to a breakfast or dessert comprising of something as divine as some pancakes, especially if they are banana bread pancakes with a light ting of cinnamon, and their gluten free being an added bonus. Just add some butter and you can toast them later like a light snack over tea too.

These Yummy Vegan Banana Bread Pancakes pancakes are not only are good to taste, but also are highly nutritious and gluten-free as well. Just mash some bananas, add the pan cake mix, prepare a smooth mixture and start cooking. Serve it with maple syrup, sliced margarine or sliced bananas. Just click the link below for the full recipe and make your own fluffy and tasty pancakes! Enjoy!

Photo: namelymarly.com

To learn how to make these Yummy Vegan Banana Bread Pancakes: Click Here

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