With A Vegan Bakery Inside Disney, The Most Magical Place on Earth Just Got Better

Vegans can breathe easy

Being a vegan is tough. The  time spent every day ensuring that what you eat reflects your ethical and moral code can be tiring to say the least. Going out is the same, just on a whole new level. Because of this, Erin McKinna a New York City baker  has come to vegans’  relief or at least the ones who are visiting The most magical place on earth . That’s right Disney world just got a Gluten free and all vegan bakery.

Speaking to the Huffington post she says that it was very exciting to open a bakery here as it fulfills the fantasies of many children with food allergies and people of all ages with diet restrictions. All vegans will surely love this idea! Read more about this exciting news in the link below.

Photo: huffingtonpost.com

To learn more about this Vegan Bakery: Click Here

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