Want A Spicy Indian Vegan Dish? Try This Spicy Vegan Potato Curry!

This is a spicy potato recipe inspired by India’s curry

Indian cuisine is famous for their great spices, inspiring centuries-old trading between this fascinating country and Europe. Curry is among the dishes and spice mixtures that strongly influenced other cultures, giving way to more gastronomic satisfaction and pleasure all over the world.

But potato and chili were gifts of Europe – particularly the Portuguese — to India, brought to the South Asian region sometime in the 16th century.

This Spicy Vegan Potato Curry recipe, you can say, is some sort of a friendship token between Asia and the West!  What’s even more remarkable about this recipe, it fits perfectly into your Vegan lifestyle!

So, further spice up your dinner and your quest for healthier life!


Photo: allrecipes.com

To learn how to make this Delightful Spicy Vegan Potato Curry: Click Here

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