No Bake Vegan Cheesecake/Ada Payasam/Soufflé And Vegan Cake

Quick and Easy Vegan Desserts

I am a big dessert fan. There is no meal in our house that ends without a dessert. It’s something that people like me consider the most crucial part of a meal. In order to coup up with my obsession I browse for new recipes that I can try out. Then just yesterday I found this video that has about 4 different recipes that are easy to make and way healthy as compared the recipes that I tried earlier. I am not completely vegan but these recipes made me realize that its not bad to vegan at all.

The video starts with a no bake cake, then a ada payasam, then a soufflé, and the last but not the least a vegan chocolate cake. All the recipes are just brilliant and highly recommended (by me of course). Enjoy!

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all images are from video

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