Cute And Tasty Gluten-Free Vegan Mini Falafel Sliders

Ultimate Middle Eastern Street Food

Sliders are mini burgers whose shape itself makes it a perfect match to fit in a Falafel patty. These delicious and crispy patties are vegan so are healthier to eat, and the Tahini sauce just makes it tangier and creamier. These are so good that even non-vegans will love them.

Start with adding chick peas, onions, parsley, garlic and garbanzo flour which is high in protein and gluten free too! Sprinkle in the seasoning, pulse it up in your food processor; make small burger patties of the mix and shallow fry them. Cut your Vegan slider buns and start adding the patty over it with some avocado humus and some tangy Tahini sauce. Yummy!

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