Chocolate Lover? You Are Going To Love This ‘Chocolate CaramelPecan Pie’ For Sure.

This chocolate pecan pie is to die for!

Looking for a vegan, gluten free and pecan recipe? This Chocolate Caramel Pecan Pie is vegan, pecan, and gluten free so you no longer have to look somewhere else.  This pie looks so good and its taste will blow your mind!

To make its crust put some nuts, dates and salt in a processor and pulse until it is sticky and binding. Layer it at the base of the container and allow to set in the fridge. Next, make the caramel and chocolate filling. Spread the chocolate filling over the layers of caramel. Place the pecans on top in circles and drizzle chocolate syrup. Play with the coconut cream to give snowy effect and make it more delicious and eye-catching.

Wohaa! You are done. Serve in any party or family dinner and enjoy!




To learn how to make this Delightful Vegan Chocolate Pecan Pie: Click Here

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