12 Awesome Vegan Breakfast Recipes

The Holy 12

These 12 recipes are completely vegan. The recipes include a delicious Sweet Potato Breakfast Bowls, a traditional Almond Butter Oat Protein Energy Balls, a celebrated 2-Ingredient Nice Cream, a Black Bean Breakfast Burritos, a rockin’ raspberry chia pudding, Banana & Quinoa Bowl, Apple Peanut Butter Honey Toast, and a lot more.

These recipes are perfect for vegans out there and even for non-vegans who are trying to watch their health and weight. After you try making one from these recipes, you will want to make them all because they taste so good. These vegan food choices are proven and tested for greatness. You will not be disappointed, for sure!

Just click on the link below and experience an awesome vegan dish.

Photo: buzzfeed.com

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